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Research Reports

Boston Research Syndicated Reports is a new innovative and unique set of reports that go beyond just insightful data, providing our clients with a highly valuable, usable online tool that simulates custom winning scenarios, ultimately allowing our clients to shape their efforts/spend on the most impactful business decisions to drive ROI.

Our focus has, and always will be, on shaping business decisions, and enabling our clients to utilize market research data to simulate the best decisions.  Topics will focus on very relevant product, sales and marketing influences that shape behavior and ultimately purchase decisions.   We are committed to going beyond just simplistic annually replicated research data.  Our commitment is to provide our clients with the relevance, value and tools to enable them to make highly impactful business decisions.

Institutional Studies

Large DC Plan Selection Study and Simulator

This “first of its kind” innovative report identifies the relative importance and trade-offs of the key factors plan sponsors consider in the recordkeeper selection process.  Used in the proposal process and/or conjunction with win/loss results, this study provides a powerful basis for influencing sales outcomes as well as resource allocation related to product development and sales training.

This program includes an interactive simulator that enables recordkeepers to be more proactive in assessing their competitive advantages and weakness and accordingly shape their sales effort. The report includes a ranking of recordkeepers across three selection steps; (1) RFP process inclusion (b) Finalist process selection (c) Winner selection.  Utilizing an advanced analytic framework, it identifies the strength/weight of each of 32 key features/inputs in influencing selection across each of the three steps above.   Read More