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Data Tabulation

As a provider of data tabulation services for more than 25 years, BRT has earned a reputation as an industry leader in survey data management. BRT’s programming team has tenured more than 100 years of combined experience. BRT’s tabulation team applies open architecture to integrate your survey data with the most widely used presentation and reporting software (i.e., PowerPoint, Word, and Excel). The team develops cost effective solutions using innovative …Read More

Research and Score Card Development

Whether your reporting requirements are basic top-line results, custom developed online solutions, or dynamically populated PowerPoint documents, RDT is equipped to accommodate any reporting requirement. RDT has proven to be highly skilled in developing complex reporting solutions by integrating proprietary applications with off-the-shelf tools, such as e-tabs, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Foreign Language/International Research

BRT has extensive experience administering surveys internationally. For more than 15 years BRT has deployed online surveys in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the Middle East. BRT’s project team manages the entire process of translating surveys into foreign languages, overlaying languages, working with linguists to perform quality checking, and for projects that require panels; collaborating with BRT’s international panel partners. In addition to working with professional language specialists to …Read More

Conjoint Analysis/Discrete Choice

RDT has a reputation for being expert in programming highly sophisticated online conjoint/choice models. Working with leading statisticians for many years RDT has developed solutions to administer complex designs efficiently and accurately. RDT’s team of experienced project managers, front-end developers, and database programmers produce accurate and cost effective online products. RDT provides multivariate data analysis to many clients. Collaborating with our statistician partners we also offer services such as: • Segmentation • Factor …Read More

Online Surveys

BRT’s tenured staff of developers and project managers have extensive experience programming and administering the most advanced online survey instruments. • Unlimited survey customization, including highly complex skip logic and various multi-media options • Custom multivariate routines such as experimental design, choice models, and Maximum Differential • Perform segmentation calculations during data collection (i.e., satisfaction and loyalty algorithms may be used to present respondent with conditional questionnaire content) • Automatically …Read More