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Data Services

Data Services – Let us handle your execution needs

We manage the research execution needs for some of the top Fortune 1000 companies.  With our tenured research project management staff and highly experienced programming team, we consistently provide clients with best-in-breed service.

Using the latest in programming, data tabulation, and reporting software, we are equipped to handle any task in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you’re looking for individual survey reporting, or hundreds of automated scorecards, BRT is ready to handle all of your research needs.

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  • Online Surveys
  • Data Tabulation
  • Custom Research Development
  • Foreign Language Research Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Results & Scorecard Development

onlinesurveyBRT’s highly experienced staff is capable of handling all of your online survey needs. With over 20 years of experience, we leverage our research knowledge and technical expertise to ensure all of our clients receive best-in-field service. Our team of developers and project managers are equipped to handle even the most extensive and intricate surveys, and have the capacity to implement a variety of cutting-edge survey features. Our survey features include:

  • Highly customized look and feel/branding
  • Integrate multi-media
  • Design and administration of multivariate exercises, such as choice modeling, segmentation and Max Diff.
  • Systems integration to 3rd party applications/software/systems
  • Email management/sample procurement
  • Complex skip logic/conditional text

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DataTabWith over 25 years of experience, BRT has earned a reputation as an industry leader in survey data management. Our tabulation team applies open architecture to integrate your survey data with the most widely used presentation and reporting software. The team develops cost-effective solutions using innovative technology to integrate commonly used software with market research applications. Our tabulation and development specialists are proficient using:

  • SPSS
  • Uncle (data tabulation)
  • WinCross (data tabulation)
  • E-Tabs (bridges tabulation and reporting applications to dynamically create PowePoint, Excel and Word documents populated with tabulated survey results)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (SSRS online reporting)
  • Confirmit Reportal (online reporting)

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customresearchWhether your reporting requirements are basic top-line results, custom developed online solutions, or dynamically populated PowerPoint documents, BRT is equipped to accommodate any reporting requirement. BRT has proven to be highly skilled in developing complex reporting solutions by integrating proprietary applications with off-the-shelf tools, such as e-tabs, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

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ForeignlanguagesBRT has extensive experience administering surveys in multiple languages. For more than 15 years, BRT has deployed online surveys in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the Middle East. BRT’s project team is ready to manage the entire process of foreign language research. From the actual language translation, to working with linguists and performing quality checks, BRT’s strong relationships with international panel partners ensure they are equipped to handle all of your international research needs.

In addition to working with professional language specialists to translate the content of your survey instrument, BRT provides clients with access to a vast library of translated/commonly used phrases relating to survey responses, technical dialogue, and error messaging. Use of this library reduces translation costs, otherwise charged by 3rd party translators.

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analysisBRT’s team of statisticians is ready to review your data to detect trends or patterns and generate insights to help you shape your business strategy. Our services involve sophisticated analytics procedures and a wide variety of statistical methods and models that are applied regularly to scrub survey data and extract deeper insights. The team has a highly collaborative and consultative approach to analytics, often working very closely with client side researchers.

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scorecardBRT has proven to be highly skilled in developing complex reporting solutions. Our staff is proficient in a variety of programs that will easily and accurately report your data needs. Whether your reporting requirements are basic top-line results, custom developed online reports, or dynamically populated documents, BRT is ready to exceed your expectations.

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