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Research Products

Research Products – Simple solutions for sophisticated challenges

Boston Research Technologies was founded under the premise of simplifying the research experience for our clients.  While we continue to deliver market research at a very high level of service, we believe that enabling you to drive your own insights is critical to enhancing your ownership and speed of building on your insights, and ultimately quicker action and resulting ROI.  This is a revolutionary change within the market research industry, and we’ve developed (and will continue to develop) easy-to-use, highly impactful research tools, that address your very sophisticated and unique challenges.

Our Solutions

Below is a list of our turnkey research solutions. We also build custom research tools for many of our clients.

Defined Contribution Plan Implementation and Services Assessment Tool (iSAT)  

Client services and support make up a key component of DC Plan sales and client loyalty management.  The Define Contribution Plan Implementation & Services Assessment Tool (iSAT) is designed to help DC recordkeepers carefully manage client feedback (satisfaction & loyalty) on new plan implementations and services that they provide to their clients.  This cost-effective on-line tool provides a highly impactful and robust “real-time” client feedback tracking mechanism enabling firms to monitor, manage and enhance their customer service capabilities in delivering and supporting world class DC plans and services.   The tool includes industry level performance benchmarks for comparison and is currently used by some of the world’s largest firms.

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Wiki Choice Modeling Solution

Let your customers help you choose what is most important and compelling to their purchase decisions. Our turnkey Wiki Choice Modeling solution enables your customers to infuse their own desires, needs and designs into your concept tests, for specific features, services, products, topics, styles and positioning statements.  This enables a true customer centric approach to shaping your business decisions, maximizing impact on all your initiatives.  Let us help you optimize your offering.

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Virtual Supermarket

Our Virtual Supermarket solution allows you to simulate an actual store shelf buying experience to evaluate how your product stacks up among the competition. You can easily identify the most optimal features, options and placements to let your product positively stand out as “the” purchase option when on a shelf.  Let us help you optimize your offering.

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Custom Research Tools

Our team of expert research strategists and software developers will craft custom research solutions/tools that meet your most sophisticated needs. We’ve built tools for some of the largest businesses in the world, enabling them to enhance engagement with their customers and employees. Let us help you build your next insights engine.