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Wiki Choice

Wiki Choice Modeling Solution

Let your customers help you choose what is most important and compelling to their purchase decisions. Our Wiki Choice Modeling solution enables your customers to infuse their own desires, needs and designs into your concept tests, for specific features, services, products, topics, styles and positioning statements.  This enables a true customer-centric approach to shaping your business decisions, maximizing impact on all your initiatives.

Unlike other choice modeling solutions, our Wiki choice modeling solution allows your customers to enter their own ideas and solutions, which can then be added to the original list of choices to be validated by market.  This customer-centric tool delivers a self-explicated solution that can achieve optimal choices to direct and drive impactful business decisions.

The choice model is seeded by you initially, and clients enter their own preferences, which may be entirely different than yours.   Your clients will eventually build and select the winner(s), always delivering a best-in-class customer-centric decision.

Let your customers directly influence your products and solutions

  • Winning Positioning – Build and evolve winning positioning statements
  • Most Desired Product Features – Evaluate and shape product design
  • Most Impactful Services – Evaluate and evolve service offerings
  • Maximum Pricing Threshold -Quickly evaluate optimal pricing for maximum profitability
  • Most Relevant Topics – Let your audience select what is important to them

Our Solutions


  Flexible Online Survey Solution – Tailor to your needs
√  Direct Customer Interaction – Let your customers enter their ideas directly
√  Self-explicated Tool – Let clients decide winner(s) quickly
√  Easy Moderation – Administrative layers to monitor and approve customer input


√  On Demand & Scheduled Reports – See results as they happen
√  Diagnostic Dashboards – Drill down to specific root cause


  Quick Implementation – Quickly embed the survey anywhere online
  Hosted Solution  – Hosted solution makes it easy to launch in minutes